TRU buy 5 cars and recieve the Gold Quick N Sik

This is the Gold car you will receive if you buy 5 Hot Wheels cars in any Australian TRU store from 17th September  2014.

Ok so I picked five cars from the M case which is still the latest case around here in Perth. Come on Mattel dealers lets get up to speed with the rest of the world which is on Q case at this moment in time. Looks like the 2015 A case will only be here next January by the way things are going  (ok enough grumbling).
This brings me to the cool Quick N Sik Gold car you will receive which is a cool piece to have, again the rest of the world or most countries have already had there Gold car for some months now, come on Mattel Australia.
My advice is to pick one up for yourself, this is kind of like the Golden Minifigure from Lego.
Happy hunting

Nice card art

Having the clear windscreen allows us to see into the car

Hot Wheels Police Persuit Playset

Hot Wheels Police Persuit Playset is one of the cheapest playsets you will find, but I was surprised with the amount of playability available. Have a look and see for yourself.

Hot Wheels 1971 Dodge Challenger

The Hot Wheels 1971 Dodge Challenger in canary yellow and blacked out wheels seems to be very popular or is it just any Challenger casting is popular. Some nice tampo work on this and some detailing as well like the petrol cap and door handles.

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