Hot Wheels BMW series

Here is a sneek peek at the Hot Wheels BMW series, what are your thoughts?

Pictures thanks to T-Hunted and Mattel

The return of Matchbox realistic vehicles?

The return of Matchbox realistic vehicles hopefully!
This is what I collected from the pegs and I must say I was impressed it looks like the good old days of Matchbox realistic cars may be back.

Here is the video review of this bunch

MATCHBOX 2016 B case

Here is the Matchbox B case and it looks like the only one in this bunch I will be picking up is the Heralda farewell casting the Quick Sander. What are your thoughts?

Thanks to T-Hunted blog for pictures

Off The Pegs #7 Matchbox reviews

Hello again hope all is well and your collection is growing :)
Well here are some cool new Matchbox vehicles I found off the pegs in Perth 29/11/2015. I hope you like the pictures.

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