A little surprise in the Dodge Charger SRT from Hot Wheels

 This is a cool casting which grabbed my attention on the pegs straight away. Once set free from the plastic clear bubble it shone in all it's glossy red glory. A simple paint scheme whit even less tampos but this only makes it better in my opinion. I appreciate the detailed rear as I am a sucker for detailing. The black wheels work well and it has a good stance.

Now for the parts
 Sweet body
 This interior excites me
 Cool detailing
 Out of all the vehicles I have opened up so far this one has the best interior detailing I have seen. For instance the aircon ducts on the dash and the dash itself and then hey what is this Wow an engine block that you would never know existed unless you took it apart. Why did they do this? The only idea I have is that this interior will be used in a casting that has an opening bonnet or clear cover. What are your thoughts?
 These wheels look great
slightly smoked windscreen

Want to watch the video

Hot Wheels Hover Storm

We review the Hot Wheels Hover Storm and then we look at the parts.

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