2016 Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment

The first two mix's I am not keen on but the last two are amazing wahoo

Mix 1 (March 2016):

'66 Batmobile - Batman Classic Television Series
Aston Martin DB5 - Skyfall
Ecto-1 - Ghostbusters
The Homer - The Simpsons
Batmobile  - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Mix 2 (June 2016):

Aston Martin DB10 (New model!) - Spectre
Back to the Future Time Machine - Back to the Future
Batwing (New model!) - Batman v Superman
The Mystery Machine - Scooby-Doo / Hanna-Barbera
USS Enterprise NCC-1701 - Star Trek

Mix 3 (September 2016):

Corvette C7-R (modified metal chassis!) - Gran Turismo
Ford GT  - Gran Turismo
Lamborghini Veneno (Unpublished metal chassis!) - Gran Turismo
Nissan 2020 GT Concept Vision (New model!) - Gran Turismo
Nissan GT-R (Unpublished metal chassis!) - Gran Turismo

Mix 4 (November 2016):
'73 Ford Falcon XB - Forza
'17 Ford GT (New model!) - Forza
Alfa Romeo GT Junior (New model!) - Forza
Camaro ZL-1 (Unpublished metal chassis!) - Forza
Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera (Unpublished metal chassis!) - Forza

Many thanks toT-Hunted and Semaan for the pictures

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