The little red Escort RS1600

The 1970 Ford Escort RS1600 this time in red and wearing a racing livery making this a smart looking collectible.  

So we get a vintage racing/rally car with vintage Castrol branding that looks even better out of the package.

We have had two other colors before this release the first was the blue licensed replica from The Fast and The Furious 6 which I have still to find. I may have to purchase it online because it was no where to be seen in my local hunting area. Then we had the white version which I liked and found plus there are still a few hanging around.This one could easily pass as a Roger Clark Daily Mirror Rally car from 1972 and I am sure a few customisers have already created it. I am enjoying the HW Speed Graphics series and this one is my favorite so far. What are your thoughts?

Hot Wheels F case 2016

The Lamley Group and Wheels Collectors opened up a F case from Hot Wheels and this is what they found in their case.

An ok case with at least four cool castings I am interested in, what about you?

The Lamley Group

Wheels Collectors 

Hot Wheels K case teaser for 2016

Ok let us have a sneeky peek at what we may expect from the 2016 K case.

For me I see four I would like to add to my collection.

Until next time tooroo

Big thanks to T-Hunted and Mattel for pictures

Gran Turismo Hot Wheels teaser

Ok it is time for another teaser from Hot Wheels and this time they have teamed up with the Gran Turismo crew. 

So if you enjoyed playing the game and driving one of the vehicles below you have the chance to have it die-cast form, pretty cool I think.

The Jaguar, Ford GT and Nissan Skyline are my top three in this bunch.

Have a look at the cards below and tell us which is your favorite?

Gran Turismo Hot Wheels

Big thanks to T-Hunted and Hot Wheels for the pictures

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