Mix 2 of the Nostalgia series from Hot Wheels

Here is the latest pictures of  Mix 2 of the Nostalgia series from Hot Wheels. These are so far only available in US Target stores. This mix looks good with five licensed vehicles out of the eight and I am sure the Bone Shaker will not be a peg warmer.

80's Corvette

85 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z

Baja Bug

Bone Shaker


Hammered Coupe

Porsche 930

Power Panel

pictures thanks to Mattel and T-Hunted

Hot Wheels Porsche Carrera GT and error

This is such a cool looking casting and in this matt black paint job and great detailing I just had to grab it. Actually I thought I would grab two and to my surprise the second one was a little different. Yep no tampos at all it must have totally missed the machine.


" you opened it" I here you say, that is what I do for this blog and I like to free my cars and they look good displayed next to one another

                                      How they would look before and after tampo machine

          The tampos and casting are fantastic and I will gladly add a few more of these to my collection           

Sneek peek at the new Car Culture Hot Wheels release TRACK DAY and the second wave of Trucks

Here is a sneek peek at the new Car Culture Hot Wheels release TRACK DAY  and the second wave of Trucks

This one will be hard to find

The second wave of Trucks looks like a winner as the first wave was ok and had a few peg warmers in it.

To find out about Hot Wheels 2018 cases click the link http://www.auswheels.com/p/2018-hot-wheels-cases.html

Pictures thanks to T-Hunted and Mattel

Hot Wheels 2015 64 GMC Panel

In Australia at the moment Toys R Us have a special if you buy five basic cars for ten dollars you also receive a free collector edition Hot Wheels 2015 64 GMC Panel. Now that seems like a great deal so I did and here it is to look at. 

They all come in a Hot Wheels protector case which is cool but I open everything so that will be used on a some other collectable I have a double of. This was a USA Kmart mail in FOR 2015.

                                 This is a very heavy piece and I love the tread on those real riders.

                                    This thing just looks sweet, so I purchased another to keep carded.

Hot Wheels Grease Rod Treasure Hunt

Hot Wheels 2016 H case Treasure Hunt Grease Rod

T-Hunts (15 in total for 2016)

2016  Treasure Hunt
• Rig Storm (A Case)
• ’11 Corvette Grand Sport (B Case)
• Rip Rod (C Case)
• 4ward Speed (D Case)
• Dodge Charger SRT8 (E Case)
• Mountain Mauler (F Case)
• Mig Rig (G Case)
• Grease Rod (H Case)
• Let’s Go(J Case)
• Bad Bagger (Kcase)
• Night Burner (L case)
• T-Rextroyer (M case)
• Howlin Heat (N case)
 Repo Duty (P case)
• Dune Crusher (Q case)

Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt Tread Air

Here is the Hot Wheels 2015 Q case Treasure Hunt Tread Air

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