Hot Wheels Grease Rod Treasure Hunt

Hot Wheels 2016 H case Treasure Hunt Grease Rod

T-Hunts (15 in total for 2016)

2016  Treasure Hunt
• Rig Storm (A Case)
• ’11 Corvette Grand Sport (B Case)
• Rip Rod (C Case)
• 4ward Speed (D Case)
• Dodge Charger SRT8 (E Case)
• Mountain Mauler (F Case)
• Mig Rig (G Case)
• Grease Rod (H Case)
• Let’s Go(J Case)
• Bad Bagger (Kcase)
• Night Burner (L case)
• T-Rextroyer (M case)
• Howlin Heat (N case)
 Repo Duty (P case)
• Dune Crusher (Q case)

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