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2016 Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment

The first two mix's I am not keen on but the last two are amazing wahoo

Mix 1 (March 2016):

'66 Batmobile - Batman Classic Television Series - Aston Martin DB5 - Skyfall - Ecto-1 - Ghostbusters - The Homer - The Simpsons - Batmobile  - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Mix 2 (June 2016):

Aston Martin DB10 (New model!) - Spectre - Back to the Future Time Machine - Back to the Future - Batwing (New model!) - Batman v Superman - The Mystery Machine - Scooby-Doo / Hanna-Barbera - USS Enterprise NCC-1701 - Star Trek

Mix 3 (September 2016):

Corvette C7-R (modified metal chassis!) - Gran Turismo - Ford GT  - Gran Turismo - Lamborghini Veneno (Unpublished metal chassis!) - Gran Turismo - Nissan 2020 GT Concept Vision (New model!) - Gran Turismo - Nissan GT-R (Unpublished metal chassis!) - Gran Turismo

Mix 4 (November 2016): - '73 Ford Falcon XB - Forza - '17 Ford GT (New model!) - Forza - Alfa Romeo GT Junior (New model!) - Forza - Camaro ZL-1 (Unpublished metal chassis!) - …

Matchbox MAZDA MX-5 Miata reveal

Here is a look at the Matchbox Mazda MX-5 or Miata as some may know it. From what I can see in the picture it looks very good, the thick chunky windscreen is my only gripe but this could be different when it is released. Happy to have this one alongside my Mazda RX-7's.

pictures thanks to matchboxworld on instagram

Some Hot Wheels ten packs

Here are a few Hot Wheels ten packs I spotted at my local shop.The blue Toyota Celica is tempting.

Hot Wheels Super Volt Parts

Here is the video review

Hot Wheels Toyota Celica parts

Here is the video review