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A cool 3 pack from the Matchbox team

I found this cool three pack from Matchbox and yes it was the 2005 Ford GT that caught my eye. This one is in Metallic Blue. The first private sale of this car in Midnight Blue and white racing stripes was sold to former Microsoft executive Jon Shirley in 2004.This is my first 2005 Ford GT so I was very happy to add it to the collection :)
Also in this pack is a very nice looking Chevy Corvette ZR1 which has fantastic tampo's, This is a very cool car from the Matchbox team. This casting has been around a while and has appeared in quite a few colour variations, but I think this one rocks. It is a great time to be a Matchbox collector again.
Well Ford lovers this 3 pack is for you as you also get a Ford Shelby Cobra Concept car this time in canary yellow.
Time for pictures

2016 Hot Wheels G case teaser

These are some pictures of what we can expect from the Hot Wheels 2016 G case.
Ok the Super Treasure Hunt is the 69 Dodge Charger Daytona and the T-Hunt is the Mig Rig. It also looks like we can expect three more Zamacs which is cool, enjoy the pictures :)

Thanks to Mattel and T-Hunted for pictures

Hot Wheels Retro series for 2016

Hot Wheels Retro series is for you if you enjoyed the 70's and 80's cards and designs.  Here is the offering from Mattel for April 2016 and will be a exclusive to TARGET stores in the USA.  Hopefully they will be avalaible in other countries as well because I know the Brazilians would love the VW and I would too.

Mattel have also published the list of models in the second batch later in August and they are:
 GT-03  Hammered Coupe  Porsche 930  Power Panel  80s Corvette  85 Camaro IROC-Z Chevrolet  Baja Bug  Bone Shaker
Pictures thanks to Mattel