Easter Hot Wheels 2016

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Easter, here are some Hot Wheels to look out for at Target and Walmart. They may also appear in other countries hopefully, let me know :)

pictures thanks to T-Hunted and MATTEL

A new Land Rover series from Matchbox

Well we have known about a new orange Range Rover Evoque for some time now and it makes its first appearance in this very cool series leaked by Matchbox via their instagram site
All the vehicles in this series look great especially with realistic tampos plus cool colour choices and I am sure collectors will snap them up. 
This series is basic cars with plastic tyres and beautiful card art.  These will be hitting US Walmart stores in a few weeks. 

Maybe in 2017 we will see a Range Rover Evoque convertible?

This series looks to be followed by an eight vehicle series of  JEEP celebrating their 75th anniversary.

Great work Matchbox team this is the kind of realistic cars most collectors are after. Here is my review of the Jeep Anniversary set.

Well that's my opinion now let us know your thoughts in the comments below

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