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Hot Wheels Porsche Carrera GT and error

This is such a cool looking casting and in this matt black paint job and great detailing I just had to grab it. Actually I thought I would grab two and to my surprise the second one was a little different. Yep no tampos at all it must have totally missed the machine.

" you opened it" I here you say, that is what I do for this blog and I like to free my cars and they look good displayed next to one another

                                      How they would look before and after tampo machine

          The tampos and casting are fantastic and I will gladly add a few more of these to my collection

Sneek peek at the new Car Culture Hot Wheels release TRACK DAY and the second wave of Trucks

Here is a sneek peek at the new Car Culture Hot Wheels release TRACK DAY  and the second wave of Trucks

The second wave of Trucks looks like a winner as the first wave was ok and had a few peg warmers in it.

Pictures thanks to T-Hunted and Mattel

Hot Wheels 2015 64 GMC Panel

In Australia at the moment Toys R Us have a special if you buy five basic cars for ten dollars you also receive a free collector edition Hot Wheels 2015 64 GMC Panel. Now that seems like a great deal so I did and here it is to look at. 

They all come in a Hot Wheels protector case which is cool but I open everything so that will be used on a some other collectable I have a double of. This was a USA Kmart mail in FOR 2015.

                                 This is a very heavy piece and I love the tread on those real riders.

                                    This thing just looks sweet, so I purchased another to keep carded.