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Hot Wheels Mad Manga

This is Hot Wheels take on a part of the Japanese car culture scene

2016 Hot Wheels N case

Thanks to the cool team at T-Hunted we get a look at what to expect from the 2016  Hot Wheels N case.

Nissan Titan from Hot Wheels Trucks series

Here is a look at the Nissan Titan from the Trucks series and this one sure is low.

Hot WheelsTrucks part 2

Here is the next batch of Hot Wheels from the TRUCKS series

Thanks to Mattel and T-Hunted for pictures

Mix 2 of the Nostalgia series from Hot Wheels

Here is the latest pictures of  Mix 2 of the Nostalgia series from Hot Wheels. These are so far only available in US Target stores. This mix looks good with five licensed vehicles out of the eight and I am sure the Bone Shaker will not be a peg warmer.