Matchbox boxs

Ah yes the return to Machbox boxes made me all nostalgic and I looked forward to the day I could find them in store. I was thinking more along the lines of my childhood memories yellow and blue boxes with some cool artwork of the vehicle that was hidden within.

But alas things had changed. I found three vehicles I wanted to check out and they were all in the same dull dreary boring uninspiring meh boxes. What a shame what an opportunity missed and the box could not be closed again without taping it ahhh. Just trying to go through them in store was hard work and I vowed to only get future stock from the pegs.

Yippee because once opened and free from the baggy I had the same old good product I had expected from the Matchbox team, great castings and fantastic detailing.

Will I ever return to the boxes again? I will say probably not but maybe I could be tempted if there was a hot JDM casting in the mix.

Anyway it made me feel better about going through the pegs again. Happy hunting all and let me know if you feel the same way or am I way off the mark?

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