November K-Day Hot Wheels 2017

Here is some of what you can expect from the last K-Day of 2017

Here are the First-to-Market vehicles

Pictures thanks to Mattel 

Hot Wheels Pop Culture Scooby Doo series

Let us have a look at the  Pop Culture Scooby Doo series

Hot Wheels and Warner Bros bring us the Scooby Doo series with some cool card art and real riders. The two castings I think will be popular are The Mystery Machine and the Volkswagen T1 Panel, the Austin Mini Van is also nice with Real Rider tires.  

What are your thoughts on this release?

Photo's from steveemart eBay store

Here are the cars in the 2018 Car Culture series

WOW!!  Here are the cars in the 2018 Car Culture series

Cargo Carriers (First quarter 2018)

Nissan C10 Skyline Wagon
Honda Odyssey
Volkswagen Sunagon
Ford Transit Super Van
VW Type 1 Panel Bus

Euro Speed Series (April 2018)

Audi R8 LMS
BMW M1 Procar
Porsche 993 GT2
Mercedes Benz 190E
Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint

Shop Truck Series (May 2018)

Custom 62 Chevy Pickup
Volkswagen Caddy
1983 Chevy Silverado
Subaru Brat
60's Ford Econoline Pick Up

Circuit Racers Series  (September 2018)

Mazda 787B
Toyota 2000GT
Ford GT 40LM
Shelby Daytona Cobra Coupe
Porsche 962

Drag Strip Racers Series  (October 2018)

55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser
66 Chevy Super Nova
65 Mercury Comet Cyclone
65 Dodge Coronet
Chevy Nova

Hot Wheels Porsche P4 review and parts

For those folks who like wheel swapping and customizing here is a look at the parts of the Ferrari P4

Ferrari hot wheels

The body casting is well done with detailing that can be added 

Here is the dashboard and engine just waiting for painting and details

A clear windscreen is always nice to get

Interior and spare tire

Plastic base 

The rear could do with detailing too

To find out about Hot Wheels 2018 cases click the link

Hot Wheels 2018 C case teaser

Here is what we can expect from the Hot Wheels 2018 C case

The Tanknator is the Treasure Hunt and the Porsche 934.5 is the Super Treasure Hunt

Well there it is and now what are your thoughts on this case and castings?

To find out about Hot Wheels 2018 cases click the link

Pictures thanks to Malaysia's Trendy County store

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