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2017 Hot Wheels K case

2017 Hot Wheels K case Ok let us have a look at the treats we can expect from the 2017 K case
The Cruise Bruiser is the Super Treasure Hunt in this case

Blade Raider is the Regular Treasure Hunt

The 2017 Camaro ZL1 looking mighty fine and is a new model

96 Nissan 180SX Type X in the Hot Wheels racing team graphics

Corvette C7 ZO6 in red this time
Volkswagen T2 is very popular

Custom 56 Ford Truck in an olive green colour with rust marksand a very popular model
17 Ford GT from the last case
12 Ford Fiesta
Surf N Turf looking awesome

Morris Mini with white tyres and a sparkly paintjob
Tesla Model X electric car 
The Ford Shelby 350 GTR looking fine in this colour
Aston Martin one 77

Sweet looking 70 Chevy Chevelle in a nice copper colour