I rediscovered Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars when my children started playing with them. These little vehicles had improved so much with the detailing available now days that they were actually almost exact miniature versions of the real thing and so my collecting started.
I am a stay at home Dad of three and enjoy some fluorescent exposure every now and then (hunting time).

I do not have a posting schedule but check back often as I intend posting more than twice a week and as news turns up.

Here are the cars I have owned over the years:

HB Vauxhall Viva

Ford Escort Van

2L Ford Escort Sport
Valiant Charger 770 RT Replica
1982 Toyota Celica

Mazda RX3 sedan

Mazda RX7 Savanna
Mitsubushi Pajero 4x4
Nissan SW
Kia Sorento

Ford GT (oops dreaming again)

Glad to have you along for the ride :)

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