Hot Wheels Regular Treasure Hunts


Treasure Hunts are distinguished by the circle flame logo on the casting and the card. Treasure Hunts are not as rare as the Super Treasure Hunts and there for more easily found. Great for kids as most castings seem to be unlicensed models. Also a fun theme to collect as a collector just try and leave some for the local kids to get exited about too :)

Check out the video below for more information.

Treasure Hunt

2013  Treasure Hunt
• Bread Box
• Carbonator
• ’10 Camaro SS
• Fast Fish
• Circle Trucker
• ’64 Lincoln Continental
• Sting Rod II
• Prototype H-24
• Custom ’77 Dodge Van
• Dodge Challenger Drift Car
• Ford Mustang GT Concept
• Fire Eater
• ’12 Ford Fiesta
• Maxda RX-7
• Bad To The Blade

2014  Treasure Hunt
• Subaru WRX STi (A Case)
• Night Burner (B Case)
• Fangster (C Case)
• Speedbox (D Case)
• Maximum Leeway (E Case)
• Loop Coupe (F Case)
• Rescue Duty (G Case)
• Stockar (H Case)
• Twinduction (J Case)
• ’12 Ford Fiesta (K Case)
• Custom ’71 El Camino (L Case)
• Off Track (M Case)
• Poison Arrow (N Case)
• La Fasta (P Case)
• Cloak And Dagger (Q Case)

2015  Treasure Hunt
• Chicane (A Case)
• Jeep CJ-7 (B Case)
• Rocketfire (C Case)
• Fast Felion (D Case)
• VW Beetle (E Case)
• Jet Threat 4.0 (F Case)
• Paradigm Shift (G Case)
• Fast Gassin (H Case)
• Enforcer (J Case)
• Mad Splash (K Case)
• Piranha Terror (L Case)
• Time Tracker (M Case)
• Team HW Corkscrew Buggy (N Case)
• Rogue Hog (P Case)
• Tread Air (Q Case)

2016  Treasure Hunt
• Rig Storm (A Case)
• ’11 Corvette Grand Sport (B Case)
• Rip Rod (C Case)
• 4ward Speed (D Case)
• Dodge Charger SRT8 (E Case)
• Mountain Mauler (F Case)
• Mig Rig (G Case)
• Grease Rod (H Case)
• Let’s Go(J Case)
• T-Rextroyer (M case)
• Howlin Heat (N case)
 Repo Duty (P case)
• Dune Crusher (Q case)

2017 Treasure Hunt List

Winning Formula (A case)
Fangula (B case)

Dragon Blaster (C case)

69 Camaro (D case)

Tooloigan (E case)

So Plowed (F case)

HW Pursuit (G case)

Fandango (H case)

Pedal Driver (J case) 

What is a Treasure Hunt or Super Treasure Hunt?

In this video I explain what to look for

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