Hot Wheels Rapid Responder

This casting has not been high on my want list until now. The Rapid Responder looks like it would sit proudly on any diorama or large train set layout.

Anyway check out the pictures and make up your own opinion.

Hot Wheels Custom 2001 Acura Integra GSR

Here is a look at the Hot Wheels Custom 2001 Acura Integra GSR. Nice and plain with no side tampos but we do get headlights and tail lights which is cool. I am guessing that it is a custom because of the front side spoilers wings, what are your thoughts?

H52 is the production code and it has a grey plastic base.This casting is made in Malaysia. I look forward to seeing all the different liveries or designs on this casting on future releases.

Hot Wheels 2017 ACURA NSX

Here is a look at the Hot Wheels 2017 ACURA NSX and I am very happy with this one as it looks smashing in metallic blue and has lights and tail lights, which should please the collectors. The wheels look ace and the casting has a good stance.

2016 Matchbox H case

Here is what we may expect from the 2016 H case from Matchbox

So what are your thoughts?
have your say in the comments below.
I like the Rapid Rescue the Moving Van with Matchbox in Japanese and the VW Transporter.

To find out about Hot Wheels 2018 cases click the link

Pictures thanks to Mattel and T-Hunted

Hot Wheels Mad Manga

This is Hot Wheels take on a part of the Japanese car culture scene

I love the colour combinations they have come out in

2016 Hot Wheels N case

Thanks to the cool team at T-Hunted we get a look at what to expect from the 2016  Hot Wheels N case.

To find out about Hot Wheels 2018 cases click the link

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