2017 Hot Wheels Female Characters of Marvel

Here is the new Pop Culture series from Hot Wheels and it looks pretty cool.

Female Characters of Marvel or Marvel Heroines

2017 Pop Culture

2017 Pop Culture

2017 Pop Culture

2017 Pop Culture

2017 Pop Culture

Pictures thanks to Mattel

2017 Hot Wheels C Case Tooned Lamorghini Countach review

Here is your tooned Lamborghini Countach from Hot Wheels. Now some say this should not have been tooned and others like it. To me it is fairly similar to the original but still looks good here in tooned form and I am liking this series of tooned vehicles. I think Hot Wheels have done a good job on this one and I like the massive rear spoiler and intakes on the roof.

The large spoiler

The sloping of the rear and large rear wheels give it that leaning forward attacking stance.

Headlight tampos

PR-5 Wheels on this one

A fun casting that sits well next to the other tooned vehicles.

What are your thoughts?

Hot Wheels Volkswagen Tooned Beetle review

Another VW Beetle has arrived and it looks great too

Hot Wheels
Love the colour and wooden tampo effect on the doors

Aus Wheels
Great motor that would be good for customs

Front detailing

Base details

The Hot Wheels Volkswagen Käfer racer

Well VW fans here it is the Volkswagen Käfer racer. 

Another popular release for collectors.
This racer has a massive V8 engine in the rear, so good bye back seat. 
The enlarged fenders give it a nice flowing effect and allow for the wide wheels.

Hot Wheels

Nice interior details

This has a great stance

A great looking Beetle designed by Mark Jones

Hot Wheels Vanetines Day Roger Dodger

Hot Wheels Vanetines Day Roger Dodger

Well it is always nice to get this casting, and after a few years off it returns as the 2017 Valentines Day model.
Great looking casting, tampos (the arrow on the bonnet) and paint job a on this model.
Simple but ok interior on the in the not so liked chrome but this is so we can get that cool blown motor and side pipes. All worth it in my opinion.

Hot Wheels

J42 Stamp

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