Hot Wheels Aston Martin Then and Now

Then and Now

Let us have a look at the Hot Wheels Aston Martin Then and Now 

Two fantastic looking cars

                                         Nice to see headlight tampos on both these castings

                                               A very nice set, what are your thoughts?

Matchbox BMW 1M Best Of The World series1

BMW 1M Best Of The World series1

Ok here is the BMW 1M from Matchbox Best Of The World Series 1 and wow this is a stunning looking casting from the Orange Team.

The paint scheme is simple but nice and cool having some rubber tires as well although they do look like they should be on a rally car.

                                                                       Nice tampos

Ok so what do you think and Series 2 is just appearing around the world now now look out for it.


Mercedes AMG 6X6

2017 Matchbox mainline Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6X6

I was very happy to finally find this casting in the wild and it sure is nice out of the packaging.


We miss out on an interior this time but it got the full tampo treatment which is appreciated and it does have an extra set of wheels which puts up the manufacturing cost. If you want an interior you may have to go online and hunt down the Toy Fair model and use it in this casting if desired.

Good body casting just waiting for detailing

The interior window areas could be cut off and a custom tub and front windscreen created

Ok what are your thoughts and will you add this to your collection or are you keen on customizing it.

To find out about Hot Wheels 2018 cases click the link

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