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Hot Wheels Porsche P4 review and parts

For those folks who like wheel swapping and customizing here is a look at the parts of the Ferrari P4

The body casting is well done with detailing that can be added 

Here is the dashboard and engine just waiting for painting and details

A clear windscreen is always nice to get

Interior and spare tire

Plastic base 

The rear could do with detailing too To find out about Hot Wheels 2018 cases click the link

Hot Wheels 2018 B case teaser

Here is some of what we can expect from the 2018 B case from Hot Wheels

What are your thoughts and which will you grab for your collection or customs?
To find out about Hot Wheels 2018 cases click the link
Pictures thanks to Malaysia's Trendy County store

Hot Wheels 2009 Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 from the Hot Wheels Trucks series

Number one of eight in the series this casting has gold tampos on a black body. Not very keen on the yellow windscreen as a clear one would have been better.

Good casting details on the roof and in the bed of this truck.

Nice interior detailing and rear tail lights as well, but  for the price front treatment would have been appreciated.
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Matchbox boxs

Ah yes the return to Machbox boxes made me all nostalgic and I looked forward to the day I could find them in store. I was thinking more along the lines of my childhood memories yellow and blue boxes with some cool artwork of the vehicle that was hidden within.

But alas things had changed. I found three vehicles I wanted to check out and they were all in the same dull dreary boring uninspiring meh boxes. What a shame what an opportunity missed and the box could not be closed again without taping it ahhh. Just trying to go through them in store was hard work and I vowed to only get future stock from the pegs.

Yippee because once opened and free from the baggy I had the same old good product I had expected from the Matchbox team, great castings and fantastic detailing.